On 1st June 2023, ELC Electroconsult S.p.a in Association with B&L Engineering Services Limited signed a Consultancy contract with KenGen for the Olkaria II Geothermal Power Extension Feasibility Study.

The Olkaria II Geothermal Power Plant is in the Olkaria Geothermal Field and currently has an installed capacity of 105 MW. KenGen intends to develop the Olkaria II Extension Geothermal Power Plant with an estimated installed capacity of 140MW in line with their strategy to exploit the considerable geothermal potential in Olkaria and the national electricity master plans.

The objectives of the feasibility study are to evaluate the technical, economic, financial and environmental feasibility of the proposed Olkaria II Extension Geothermal Power Plant Project.

B&L is proud to be associated with this assignment. This project is expected to help Kenya inch closer to net-zero aspirations from power production as it is green. Geothermal also defies erratic weather thus making it very reliable with availability of 95%. With a potential of 10,000MW and only 950MW so far exploited, this project will help the country to increase its power production and move towards green, secure and resilient energy.  B&L staff have extensive experience spanning over 23 years on geothermal projects having been involved in Olkaria II, Olkaria III, Olkaria IV&1AU, and Olkaria 1 Unit 6 Geothermal power plant projects in various capacities.

The Feasibility Study is expected to be completed within Q1 2024.


B & L and ELC Electroconsult S.p.A. Olkaria II Extension Geothermal Power Plant Feasibility Study Team at work during internal kickoff meeting at B&L offices on 5th July 2023. The team is prepared for completion of the study by the turn of the year.

Below: The project team posing for photographs led by B&L Group MD, Bernard Mandere (third right), Head of Property, Eng. Richard Kaburu (far right), Head of Infrastructure, Eng. Silas Nguru (third left), ELC’s Ugo Barbon (Project Team Leader – fifth from the right), Emerenziano, Alfredo, Michele and Baran.