Statsbygg – The Directorate of Public Construction and Property in Norway, represented by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi, is planning to develop a new Norwegian Embassy complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

Statsbygg appointed B&L Management Limited for Project and Construction Management Services including planning, design coordination, documentation and overseeing the construction of the proposed Embassy. B&L Management Limited will also be responsible for contract administration as the FIDIC Engineer.

The aim is to create a modern and aesthetically pleasing representation of Norway while maintaining a modest approach. The designs will prioritize environmental sustainability and utilize locally sourced materials to the extent possible.

A significant milestone was achieved on 11 September 2023 when His Excellency Ambassador, Mr. Gunnar Andreas Holm, and Nina G. Enger, Counsellor & Head of Admin attended the Site handover. Their presence underscored the excitement surrounding the project as it moves forward towards realization after years of planning.

The completion of the new Norwegian Embassy is expected in Q1 of 2025.

The photo below shows His Excellency Ambassador with the Consultants and Construction Team during the site handover.